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Here are some words that you don't normally think of when you are talking about pool and spa operation: flexibility, convenience, ease of use. Now with the Jandy Aqualink OneTouch, those should be the first words you think of.

Ease of use - create custom labels for the buttons on your OneTouch so you know exactly what each one does.

Flexibility - turn on multiple pieces of equipment and program them to come on and go off an unlimited amount of times.

Convenience – with the optional wireless kit it can all be done from the comfort of you couch.

Imagine, coming home from work and your spa is ready to go at the perfect temperature when you arrive home from a long day at work. Sure, you could call home and have someone set it up but what if no one’s home? You could just be sitting around watching a movie and wonder if the pool is warm enough for a swim. Don’t wonder, push a button and find out? Or maybe your entertaining guests in the back yard and all of a sudden accent lights begin turning off automatically and your pool comes to life shooting streams of colored water about. Pure magic? Nope, it's the Jandy Aqualink and the OneTouch.

Product Features:

  • Touch of a button controls filter pump, spa switch-over, pool and spa heater, solar and as many as 31 auxiliary circuits 
  • Control thermostats from indoors also obtain temperatures of the pool water, spa water as well as the outside air temp
  • Turn on/off multiple pieces of equipment with the touch of a button
  • Interfaces with other Chlorine Generation systems like Aqua Rite by Goldline.  Enabling control and monitoring of pool sanitation from inside the home.
  • Easy to read display with menu access to all pool/spa functions
  • System comes with a white, paintable faceplate. Also available in black, chrome and brass tones.
  • Comes with flush mount or surface mount housings
  • Easy to use custom software and decal creation for all functions so you know exactly how the buttons effect you pool or spa 
  • Automatic equipment safety circuits and freeze protection
  • Built-in diagnostics to trouble shoot issues
  • Lockout the entire system, single out devices and Spa-sides from the indoor control panel
  • All required relays are included


Systems Include: up to 4 Power Center Bezels with Printed Circuit Boards, 1 Water Temperature Sensor, and 1 Air/Solar Temperature Sensor and all necessary 3HP relays required to operate system. Systems require one or more power centers, cable or wireless kit.

Jandy Aqualink One Touch Wired White
AquaLink RS OneTouch™, Wired, White
Jandy Aqualink One Touch Wireless Black
AquaLink RS OneTouch™, Wireless, Black
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