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I think we all know the purpose of the swimming pool filter. To keep the water clean and clear of debris. When we think of debris we usually think of leaves, grass clippings, airborne dirt and the like. But debris can also be things like body oils, organic matter from swimmers and other organisms like bacteria and algae. As a pool owner, you currently have three options available to you to help keep your pool and spa water clean and clear.

Option 1 – Cartridge filtration. This methodology employs an element similar to the air filter in your car. Debris in the water passes through the filter and is trapped by the cartridge(s) within the filter. When the filter elements become dirty, you simply remove the elements from the filter and hose them off. Of course, you can also use some filter cleaning agents to get the cartridges even cleaner. Typically, cartridge filters trap particles as small as 10 – 15 microns in size. The human eye can’t see anything smaller 40 microns.

Option 2 - Diatomaceous Earth or D.E. as it is known in the pool biz. If you are one of those that just wouldn’t be happy knowing that your pool filter wasn’t trapping the itty bittiest of particles, then D.E. filtration is for you. D.E. filters typically trap particles as small as 3 to 5 microns in size. Even though you can’t see something that small, large amounts of this size particulate can definitely have an effect on the clarity of your pool water.  D.E. will filter it out. 

Option 3 – Sand filtration. This is probably the most popular of the three filtering methods. The main reasons for this, they are simple, effective, usually cost less than the other options and require very little maintenance. The filter canister is filled with sand. Water passes thru the filter canister and the debris in the water if trapped between the sand particles. When the sand becomes too dirty to effectively filter, the pressure in the canister rises because it is harder for the water to pass thru the canister. This signals to the pool owner that it is time to clean the sand. This is done by turning a valve on the canister and “backwashing” the sand to remove the debris. Sand filters typically filter out particles as small as 20 microns in size.

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