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Pressure Side Cleaners

Pressure side pool cleaners use the pressure of the water to help propel them around the swimming pool. A common model is the Polaris pool cleaner.  Pressure side pool cleaners have become more and more popular thanks to Polaris. However, the pressure cleaners require their own booster pump and also need their debris bags cleaned and changed. The cleaners seem to behave just as well as the suction cleaners and clean mainly the bottom of your swimming pool.

Hayward Phantom Turbo
Hayward Phantom Turbo
Regular Price: $799.00
 Our Price: $620.00 
Letro Legend Platinum Pressure Cleaner
Letro Legend Platinum
Regular Price: $650.00
 Our Price: $625.00 
Pentair Legend II
Pentair Legend II
Regular Price: $499.00
 Our Price: $429.00 
Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner
Polaris 280 - uninstalled (Requires Booster Pump)
Price: $599.00 
Polaris 360
Polaris 360 - uninstalled
Regular Price: $649.00
 Our Price: $580.00 
Polaris 380 Pool cleaner
Polaris 380
Regular Price: $725.00
 Our Price: $699.00 
Polaris 3900 Sport
Polaris 3900 Sport
Regular Price: $999.00
 Our Price: $900.00 
Hayward 3/4 h.p. Booster Pump
Hayward 3/4 h.p. Booster Pump
Regular Price: $275.00
 Our Price: $255.00 
Pentair Booster Pump
Pentair Booster Pump
Regular Price: $325.00
 Our Price: $250.00 
Polaris Booster Pump
Polaris Booster Pump
Regular Price: $315.00
 Our Price: $300.00 
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