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Need to replace your pump but don't want to have to reroute all of the plumbing?  Don't worry, the Jandy FloPro pump is the answer.  The FloPro comes with an adjustable base making very easy to be a direct replacement for other popular pumps on the market.  The FloPro is also compact in it size but don't think for one minute that it would be able to handle anything you throw at it.  Its energy-efficient design and 2" unions provide uncompromising power when filtering and re-circulating while at the same time keeping costs down.

Since no plumbing modifications are required during a swap-out because of the adjustable base, and the energy-effecient space-saving design, the Jandy FloPro Pump is the perfect choice when a cost saving solution in a small equipment area is required.


FloPro 3/4HP Pump
Jandy FloPro 3/4HP Pump
Regular Price: $440.00
 Our Price: $380.00 
FloPro 1HP Pump
Jandy FloPro 1HP Pump
Regular Price: $445.00
 Our Price: $415.00 
FloPro 1HP Dual speed Pump
Jandy FloPro 1HP Dual Speed Pump
Regular Price: $500.00
 Our Price: $465.00 
FloPro 1.5HP Pump
Jandy FloPro 1.5HP Pump
Regular Price: $450.00
 Our Price: $400.00 
FloPro 1.5HP Dual Speed Pump
Jandy FloPro 1.5HP Dual Speed Pump
Regular Price: $515.00
 Our Price: $485.00 
FloPro 2HP Pump
Jandy FloPro 2HP Pump
Regular Price: $535.00
 Our Price: $485.00 
FloPro 2.5HP Pump
Jandy FloPro 2.5HP Pump
Regular Price: $550.00
 Our Price: $500.00 
FloPro 2HP Dual Speed Pump
Jandy FloPro 2HP Dual Speed Pump
Regular Price: $595.00
 Our Price: $540.00 
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