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Tropi Clear® Chemicals are the finest, purest pool and spa chemicals available in the United States. Millions of pool and spa owners rely on Tropi Clear® chemicals to help them maintain perfectly balanced, crystal clear water.

With 31 years of experience in the manufacturing of pool and spa chemicals they are qualified authorities in the quality treatment of pool and spa water. They use only the purest ingredients found in the domestic markets of the United States and they never cut corners, dilute or use substandard ingredients in manufacturing any of their pool and spa chemicals.

Unlike inexpensive, less concentrated products found in many mass-market retailers, Tropi Clear® chemicals are extremely concentrated. At first glance the inexpensive products look like a “deal” but after further review they are even more expensive, primarily because of the dosages they require. These chemicals also may cause unexpected staining, foaming, and cloudy conditions from the byproducts (inert ingredients) found in these chemicals. These chemicals, many times force the pool and spa owner to purchase other chemicals just to fix the problems they caused because of their use. Tropi Clear® chemicals are manufactured to save the pool and spa owner money every year.

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