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Make the job of getting your pool ready to swim in by adding a leaf net pool cover to your above ground oval winter cover.  Basically, you apply the net on top of your winter cover and leave it there until all of the leaves from the nearby trees have fallen.  To remove the net, simple pull the net slowly off of the cover and all the leaves come with it.  Cover pumps, as you probably know are a good idea to have because they remove water build up from rains causing excess water weight on your pool cover.  Leaves however, can clog the pump thereby creating yet another maintenance job for you.  A leaf net prevents the leaves from getting to the pump.

Remember, order you leaf net based on your pool's deminsions.  If your pool measures 12' around, order the 12' round leaf net.  The net will actually be 15' around.  These covers have a 3 foot overlap.

Round Leaf Net covers for Above Ground Pools by Ultra Armor Maxx
Round leaf Net Covers by Ultra Armor Maxx
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