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FloPro 2HP Dual Speed Pump

FloPro 2HP Dual Speed Pump

Jandy VS FloPro 2HP With Controller

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Price: $1,269.00 

Model: VS-FHP2.0

Saving money on your electric bill never felt so good.  That is what they are saying about the new Jandy VS-FloPro variable speed pump.  The VS-FloPro is a high performance, energy-efficient, variable-speed compact pump that can deliver up to 90% reduction in electric costs.  It also comes with an adjustable base to make it a great retrofit solution for Hayward® Super Pump or Pentair® WhisperFlo and SuperFlo Pumps.  Included with the VS-FloPro is the Variable-Speed Controller (JEP-R) with 2 timed speeds and 6 manual speed settings   A total of eight speeds all together!  The VS-FloPro is also Appliance Efficiency Standards (Title 20) compliant and qualifies for energy company rebates where available.  Wouldn't that be nice, a rebate from your electric company?

Here is an example of the energy saving you could experience with the VS-FloPro from Jandy.  Let's say you have a 20,000 gallon pool and you run your pump 10 hours per day and the current electric rate in your area is .20 per kilowatt hour.  Look at the chart below to see the savings you can expect.

Current Single Speed Pump Horsepower

Product Features
  • Comes with the Variable-Speed Controller (JEP-R) with 2 timed speeds and 8 speeds total (see image below).
  • Adjustable base allows for easy direct replacement of Hayward® Super Pump® or Pentair® WhisperFlo® and SuperFlo® pump.
  • Ergonomic Cam-Lock lid with easy alignment indicators.
  • 230 Volts 
  • Equipped with 2” unions.
  • Large capacity basket.
  • Complies with  Appliance Efficiency Standards (Title 20).
  • Ultra compact body. Ideal for small equipment areas.
  • Durable Constructed of corrosion resistant materials for optimal performance and longevity.
  • Quiet, Controlled flow dynamics for ultra-quiet operation.

See if your electric company offers a rebate for installing one of these pumps.


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