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Hello.  My name is Barry Ferrell and I am president of  I would like to be to start off by saying that we have been in the pool supply business for many many years, but I can’t.  I would like to be able to say that we have an array of support people on staff that you can call on the phone if you have a pool related question but I can't say that either.  MyPoolSupplySource is a new presence on the web.  This is really a good thing for you though.  

In order for MyPoolSupplySource to successful, I need to earn your business now and in the future, whenever you need something for your swimming pool.  So to do that, I offer quality products from the leading manufacturers in the swimming pool industry at a low price, ship the product to your front door for FREE (to the continental United States that is) and NOT give you some huge run-around if you need to return something!  Now, when I say FREE,  I mean FREE.  No "handling charges" or  "administrative" cost.  FREE SHIPPING, pure and simple.  Personally, I shop online as much as I can.  So, I'm an online shopper just like you and I know how I like to be treated when shopping online.  With the price of gasoline these days I don't want to have to run around town looking for something when I can find it from the comfort of my house AND have it shipped straight to my front door for free. 
It's a beautiful thing. 

Now, even though being able to chat with someone online about a product is a great service to offer the customer ( I use that on sites myself I have to admit), it does cost money.  Money that is added to the price of every product sold. There are plenty of online companies out there that offer that service and MyPoolSupplySource has low prices and free shipping to the continental United States, so....  See where I'm going with this?  If you have a question about a swimming pool product and you don't need the answer that instant, you can always send me an email with your  question.  I will do our very best to have an answer for you by the end of the business day.  Now, I can't promise that will happen 100% of the time.  After all, things do happen from time to time that are beyond our control. 

The way I look at is this.  Treat you, the customer, like I want to be treated when I shop online.  Offer low prices on top-quality products, provide free shipping on those products and provide a no-hassle return policy.  If I don't do those things, you won’t come back and if you don't come back, I won’t be in business  very  long.  It's that simple.  Give me a chance to earn your business.  With our low prices, our free shipping and access to over 70,000 swimming pool products,  I am confident that the next time you need something for your pool, you'll come back to


Barry Ferrell

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